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We Are City [SUMMIT] is August 21st, 2014, at the Indiana History Center. Speakers include:

Matthew Skjonsberg
Laboratory of Urbanism, Swiss Federal Institute of Technology / Lausanne

Nettrice Gaskins
Georgia Tech’s Digital Media Program / Atlanta

Sarah Green
The Art Assignment / Indianapolis

Claudia Folska
Denver Regional Transportation District /  Denver

Phyllis Boyd
Green 3 / Indianapolis

Bryce Johnson
Exploratorium / San Francisco

Jace Clayton and Rocio Rodriguez Salceda
Artists / Brooklyn

Ryan Gravel
Perkins+Will, Beltline / Atlanta

Tickets are $20, $25 at the door, and $15 for students. You can get them now here (they sold out early last time!)


Because knowing is half the battle.

We started the [BRIEFING] in mid-2012 as a way to inform and inspire people in Indianapolis (and in other cities) to improve their city. Inspired by Dave Pell’s NextDraft, the [BRIEFING] provides a twice-a-week,  5-minute summary of city-building news from both [here] and [there], with an occasional [think]. Archive available here.

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Think superhero capes, but for the rest of us.

We Are City [IMPORT] is our residency program that connects people from [there] to [here] – and then watches what happens. Our third residency, We Are City [IMPORT] generously hosted by The Residences at CityWay, is underway now! Please welcome Jace Clayton and his collaborating partner Rocio Rodriguez Salceda! Jace, aka DJ /rupture, is a multi-talented sound, software, and installation artist and musician. To list everything he’s done recently would take a full [BRIEFING]. Instead you can visit his bio and website here. Rocio is an artist whose work occupies the intersection between fashion, visual arts, and social practice. More to come!
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Giant organisms can be interesting too.

In 2012, we imported “Zoe” William Fitzgerald, a video artist from Brooklyn who created an installation piece for Butler University. See his work by clicking here.


The Bureau.

In 2013, We Are City – thanks to the support of Milhaus Development, Central Indiana Community Foundation, the IUPUI Arts & Humanities Institute, and Indiana Humanities – imported James Reeves and Oliver Blank from Civic Center in New Orleans. On May 3rd, James and Oliver will unveil the Bureau of Manufactured History, an art piece that speaks to Indianapolis’ myth, legend, history, and identity.


Ok, you’re in the secret club!

The goal of We Are City is to connect and inform people and organizations that are making their city a better place to live in.

How do you join We Are City?

Maybe you’re already in it!

Are you starting a block club? Are you attending the local school’s open house and volunteering? Are you contacting your City Councillor about improving transit? Are you trying to obtain equitable infrastructure spending? We Are City.


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