On view September 5 through October 1, 2014 at IUCA+D.

How can you understand your city more deeply? This exhibition presents the ways in which We Are City has answered that question over the past two years. At the center of this show are the products of our artist-in-residence program, [IMPORT], which has brought six internationally active artists into conversation with Indianapolis residents.  Featuring these artists’ visual, audio, linguistic, and material responses to their time in Indianapolis, as well as other documentation of We Are City’s activities, [EXPORT] shares our city engagement efforts with a new audience in Columbus.

[EXPORT] is curated by Laura Holzman, Public Scholar of Curatorial Practices and Visual Art at IUPUI. It features work by Oliver Blank, Jace Clayton, William Zoe FitzGerald, James A. Reeves, Rocio Salceda, and Matthew Skjonsberg.


Because knowing is half the battle.

We started the [BRIEFING] in mid-2012 as a way to inform and inspire people in Indianapolis (and in other cities) to improve their city. Inspired by Dave Pell’s NextDraft, the [BRIEFING] provides a twice-a-week,  5-minute summary of city-building news from both [here] and [there], with an occasional [think]. Archive available here.

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We Are City [SUMMIT] is August 21st, 2014, at the Indiana History Center. Speakers include:

Matthew Skjonsberg
Laboratory of Urbanism, Swiss Federal Institute of Technology / Lausanne

Nettrice Gaskins
Georgia Tech’s Digital Media Program / Atlanta

Sarah Green
The Art Assignment / Indianapolis

Claudia Folska
Denver Regional Transportation District /  Denver

Phyllis Boyd
Green 3 / Indianapolis

Bryce Johnson
Exploratorium / San Francisco

Jace Clayton and Rocio Rodriguez Salceda
Artists / Brooklyn

Ryan Gravel
Perkins+Will, Beltline / Atlanta

Tickets are $20, $25 at the door, and $15 for students. You can get them now here (they sold out early last time!)


Skateboard architect comes to Indy. Chaos ensues.

Starting in August 2014 and courtesy of downtown Indianapolis’ Artistry apartments, our new We Are City [IMPORT] resident will be architect and urban designer Matthew Skjonsberg. Matthew is a PhD researcher whose focus is the theme of Periodicity and Rural/Urban Dynamics.  Matthew is also a prolific artist and skateboarder.

You can meet Matthew at a special event on Tuesday, August 12th, from 6-8PM the Artistry Apartments’ first floor gallery. ’alphaomega’ is a multimedia installation that presents a particular intergenerational perspective, and addresses beginnings and endings within interdisciplinary fields related to architecture and urban design, which are themselves by their nature inchoate, not fully formed. Through various media and disciplines the work explores polarities of civilization (rural and urban), community (individual and collective), climate change (sea-level rise and desertification), and structure (tension and compression), dwelling on the earliest of architectural analogies – music and biology. Light appetizers and drinks will be served. This event is sponsored by the Indiana Chapter of ASLAAIA IndianaLibertineSun King Brewing, and the Artistry. See you there!


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The goal of We Are City is to connect and inform people and organizations that are making their city a better place to live in.

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Are you starting a block club? Are you attending the local school’s open house and volunteering? Are you contacting your City Councillor about improving transit? Are you trying to obtain equitable infrastructure spending? We Are City.


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